Tired of doing yardwork on the weekends? Bring in Cutting Edge.

Lawn Care

We'll install mulch and paving stones that complement your yard.


Design a retaining wall or raised bed. Your yard can be the prettiest on the block.


Uproot dead trees and plants. Cutting Edge can prep your land for construction.


We Transform Residential Properties in Waxhaw and Monroe, NC and Beyond

Invest in top-notch landscaping services from licensed professionals

Call gardening experts for assistance, and improve your backyard view. Cutting Edge Lawn Care & Landscaping, LLC is based in Waxhaw, North Carolina. We serve homeowners and business owners throughout the region, and we can visit your property next. Perhaps your flowerbeds are overgrown. Or maybe your tree line needs some TLC. You can rest easy when Cutting Edge is on the job.

We offer a variety of lawn care services, and we'll teach you how to nurture your plants, shrubbery and grass. Call 704-622-5373 to discuss your landscaping needs.

Cutting Edge can design your personal paradise

If you want to create a comfortable outdoor living area, ask Cutting Edge for help. We can conduct an on-site consultation for a small fee. We'll recommend the best plant species for your space and walk you through the landscape design process. Make the most of your Waxhaw and Monroe, NC home, and cultivate a gorgeous garden.

Interested in commercial lawn care?

Impress your clients and customers, and better maintain your commercial lot. Cutting Edge's landscaping services include:

Our rates are affordable, and we value customer satisfaction. Choose us for landscaping projects in Waxhaw, Monroe, Charlotte, Indian Trial and surrounding areas. You won't be disappointed.

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